The Urban Clinic: A Town Square

Luisa Venancio is a PhD student in urban and regional studies, as well as a staff member of the Urban Clinic. She studied architecture and planning in her native Brazil, before moving to France to study for a master’s degree, where she remained to work in humanitarian architecture, including planning post-disaster, low-cost, and cooperative housing. 

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Solomon Oguche, Bio-Medical Sciences

Preparing for a Career in Protein Engineering 

Solomon Oguche grew up in north central Nigera and earned a bachelor’s degree in biochemistry from the University of Jos. He first experienced the joy of laboratory work during his fourth year of studies, when he was required to undertake a research project. 

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Downgrading Covid-19’s Threat to that of the Common Cold?

Promising Hebrew University - Mount Sinai Research Shows Coronavirus Causes Lungs to Accumulate Fat; Cholesterol-Lowering Drug May Hold Key to Stopping COVID-19 in its Tracks

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