Community Development: Theory Meets Practice

Meet Jean Claude Muhire, Glocal Alum (2014/15)

Jean Claude Muhire was born in the Democratic Republic of Congo, to Rwandan parents who fled the 1959 ethnic violence. His father teaches primary school, while his mother raised Jean Claude along with his five siblings. When he was seven, his family returned to Rwanda. 

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New Wildlife Tracking System Provides Evidence of Sophisticated Navigation Among Wild Fruit Bats, Hebrew University Research Finds

When wild Egyptian fruit bats set out at night to forage in Israel's Hula Valley, they do so using advanced spatial memory and a flexible cognitive mapping of the fruit trees and other goals scattered in their foraging area. They seldom search randomly and their foraging patterns cannot be explained by simpler navigation mechanisms, a research team headed by Professor Ran Nathan of Hebrew University of Jerusalem (HU)’s Movement Ecology Lab has found.

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