Avigail Suna

Avigail Suna holds an undergraduate degree in mechanical engineering. After graduating she began working for Largix, a local robotics startup company, where she first discovered the allure of computer science.  

Working alongside a Hebrew University alumna who taught her to program robots in different languages, Avigail’s eyes were opened to the beauty and elegance of well-written code, and its potential to optimize teamwork. Today, Avigail is a MSc student at the Rachel and Selim Benin School of Computer Science and Engineering.

"I’m really enjoying my studies. I’ve taken a few image processing classes, where my 3D background has been an advantage. The coursework is challenging and gratifying. I’m also amazed by my peers. We work together to succeed, offering a helping hand at any hour of the day (or night!). It is a creative and stimulating environment."

Before beginning her graduate studies, Avigail had met Hebrew University Prof. Leo Joskowicz at a conference. His background is also in robotics, and today he focuses on medical image processing. Avigail joined his lab and conducts research in this field, integrating traditional techniques with machine learning. Specifically, she’s working with Hadassah doctors on an algorithm that can assist in determining, based on an x-ray alone, whether patients with a fractured distal radius will need to undergo surgery.

"I greatly enjoy working alongside people with different professional backgrounds and feel that I am learning a lot. I’m enjoying the challenges and am satisfied knowing that I’m working on a real-world project that will help doctors and patients alike."