Meet Guy Mor, AGSP Student

Guy Mor

Uncovering the Truth

Guy Mor is in the midst of his Master’s degree in the Advanced Graduate Studies Program (AGSP) after finishing his BA in Political Science and Philosophy Summa cum Laude.

Guy has always been interested in research and has already won numerous University and international prizes and fellowships for his research. In addition to his research, Guy is a teaching assistant in courses on Modern Political Thought and on Gender and Politics.


"Being in AGSP is first and foremost being part of a community – a tight-knit community of highly motivated young scholars… the people of the AGSP, in all cohorts, are an invaluable resource for encouragement and assistance of all kinds... I would like to remain in the world of research, whether in academia or outside it. The kind of intellectual excitement and fascination with uncovering the truth that research affords is unparalleled."