Ofer Waldman, Recipient of First Joint PhD from the Hebrew University and Freie Universität Berlin

I have two passports, two SIM cards, two addresses, and two credit cards. Luckily, I have only one email account.

Shelly Engdau Vanda, Social Work

Shelly Engdau Vanda was born in Ethiopia and made aliya with her family, via Sudan, when she was five years old. Although she was a bright student, there was nothing about her upbringing that hinted she’d become a trailblazer. Today, Shelly is one of only a handful of Israeli doctoral students of Ethiopian descent.

Applying Machine Learning to Medical Image Processing

Avigail Suna holds an undergraduate degree in mechanical engineering. After graduating she began working for Largix, a local robotics startup company, where she first discovered the allure of computer science.  

Machine Learning and Verification: No Room for Error

Varda Zilberman always loved science. In high school she majored in physics and electronics, and later studied computer science and math at the Hebrew University, with the idea of pursuing a career in high tech. On campus, Varda felt that she’d found her place. As graduation neared, she deliberated whether to continue to a master’s degree or enter the workforce. She ended up working for a small tech company doing mapping for the Tel Aviv light rail. 

Broadening Academic Horizons in British Columbia

Omer Nehoray chose to study at the Hebrew University for its strong academic reputation, and because it offered the option of double majoring in business administration and philosophy. 

OPEN 2020 Demo Day

July 2020

Scholarships for Graduate Students and Projects in East Jerusalem: Creating More Equitable Cities

The Hebrew University's Urban Clinic, in its quest to create more equitable cities, combines knowledge and practice to strengthen local community leadership and help rejuvenate neighborhoods. However, some sectors have less access to resources and services; systematic urban planning, from grassroots upwards and with the clinic's guidance, can make all the difference to underserved areas. 

Evaluating Public Spaces for Community Use

For me, life is not about how you occupy your day but where you spend it. I see my mission as working to improve people’s immediate surroundings and thus enhancing their quality of life.

Creating a More Just Society Through Planning

Aya Eghbaria is a master’s student in geography and urban and regional planning. She earned her undergraduate degree in psychology and law, completing her law internship at the Tel Aviv Public Defender’s office. Aya has also volunteered with many civic and human rights organizations. Through these experiences, she has become aware of the different ways to create a more just society.