CLEC's Ten Clinics

Representation of Marginalized Populations Clinic (20 students annually) Children and Youth Rights Clinic (20 students annually)

CLEC in Numbers

Meet Mugagga Kalyesubula, Uganda

Mugagga earned his MSc in Animal Sciences in 2015-16. He was a Pears Scholar, and focused on the study of goats.

Meet Beatrice Gedion, Kenya

Beatrice earned her MSc in the field of Plant Sciences in 2016-17. Her personal project was the construction of water reservoirs for irrigation in Kenya.

Meet Armando Garcia, Mexico

Armando earned his MSc in Agriculture in the field of Plant Sciences in 2016-17. His personal project was the study of tissue culture and virus elimination in garlic.

Farming for Youth at Risk

Fabian Bulugu came to do his master’s degree with Glocal so that he could learn about Israeli agriculture and economic development. While studying in Jerusalem, he volunteered at Kaima, an organization that uses organic farming to give Israeli high-school dropouts an income and a fresh start.

Directing Israeli Aid Abroad

Naama Gorodischer has spent the last decade dedicated to development programs in Israel and Africa. After receiving her MA from Glocal at the Hebrew University, Naama managed a peacebuilding program in Sri Lanka, through USAID.

Sara Abeba, Social Work and Law Student

Sara Abeba, 28, is doing a dual degree in social work and law. Born and raised in Netanya, her parents immigrated to Israel in the 1991 Operation Solomon airlift of Ethiopian Jews. Her mother has worked as a cleaner since her father’s death several years ago. Sara served as an officer in the Education Corps for her compulsory IDF service.

Fatima Zoabi, School of Pharmacy Student

Fatima Zoabi, 24, is a third year student at Hebrew University. She is working toward a degree from the Faculty of Medicine’s School of Pharmacy. She is one of six children from a low-income family and was raised in the Arab village of Misr in Northern Israel. After high school, she worked to help support her family while simultaneously studying for university entrance exams. Fatima’s advisor describes her as a diligent student, who does not shy away from hard work.

Dr. Nir Kalisman's Lab

Studying Causes of Alzheimer's Disease The Department of Biological Chemistry