Tzvi Michelson, Schulich Leader, Computer Science & Psychology

Tzvi Michelson is a third-year student double majoring in computer science and psychology. At first glance, these fields seem quite distant, and Tzvi divides his time between the Mt. Scopus and Edmond J. Safra campuses. Yet he is fascinated by their overlap – namely, artificial intelligence. 

Achieving a Deeper Understanding of the World

Skyler Inman grew up Houston, TX. As an undergraduate student at Yale, she studied English language and literature, with a concentration in nonfiction creative writing. She began writing for The Globalist, a quarterly international affairs magazine run entirely by undergraduate students. During her time there, she participated in three annual reporting trips – to Vietnam, Bosnia and Serbia, and Peru. She spent her summers interning at various magazines. 

Wén in China, Do as the Chinese Do

Eitan Waxman was born in the United States and made aliya with his family as a child. During his military service he held a number of leadership positions, helping him realize his potential as a leader. In addition, he’d long been interested in Asia and wanted to incorporate the region into his studies.  

Reem Shemer, Medical Student and Coronavirus Volunteer

Reem Shemer made aliya from England as a young child and grew up in Jerusalem. After completing his military service and traveling the world, he underwent EMT training with Magen David Adom (MDA) – where he fell in love with the medical profession.  

Kinoko-Tech: A Zero Waste Protein Source

With backgrounds spanning plant science, microbiology, and food science, Jasmin Ravid, Dr. Daria Feldman, and Hadar Shohat were perfectly poised to invent an alternative source of protein when they founded their startup, Kinoko-Tech. 

Ana Benitez, Honduras, MSc in Environmental Quality Sciences

Ana Benitez, born and raised in Siguatepeque, a small town in central Honduras, is the youngest of four siblings. Her parents have always been strong proponents of education and environmental preservation, saying that it’s the best inheritance they could give to their children. When it came time to select a path, Ana chose to pursue her passion, earning a degree in Environmental Sciences and Development at Zamorano University.  

Dr. Netta Bruchiel Spanier, Physics Teacher-Scholar

When Dr. Netta Bruchiel Spanier finished her doctorate in electrochemistry, she found herself at a crossroads, with left leading to advanced research and right to teaching at the collegiate level. Yet neither fully attracted her.

Dr. Yifat Brill-Karniely, Math Teacher-Scholar

Dr. Yifat Brill-Karniely loves the biophysics research she conducts at the Hebrew University — but the Teacher-Scholar program was a life-changer for her.

Joseph Addae, IMPH Student

Joseph Addae was born and raised in northern Ghana. Both his parents were medical professionals; his mother was a midwife and his father a medical assistant. As a result, Joseph and his family would move every few years, as the government transferred his father between posts.