Levi Kassel


Even as a high school student, Levi Kassel was drawn to the sciences. He studied physics and math, and eventually earned a bachelor’s degree in electrical and computer engineering. These years were both immensely stimulating and challenging, and Levi discovered the joy of grappling with theoretical questions. 

After graduating, Levi worked as a developer for Amazon Web Services (AWS) for nearly two years. Yet he felt that he still wanted to learn and began searching for graduate opportunities – specifically in computer science.

"I explored a few options and decided upon the Hebrew University’s MSc program in Computer Science. I am interested in computer vision, and the Hebrew University is at the forefront of this field. In addition, my scholarship wasn’t tied to any particular lab, so I could participate in smaller projects and gain experience before committing to my final project."

 A year into the program, Levi knows he made the right choice. The classes are challenging, the facilities are top-notch, and he’s already completed a small research project. He’s decided to conduct his thesis research under the supervision of Prof. Michael Werman, focusing on foreground segmentation – teaching computers to distinguish between an image’s foreground and background. This has many applications, including monitoring traffic and security cameras, e.g. identifying an abandoned bag in a busy terminal.

"The MSc program in Computer Science has exceeded my expectations. After graduating I hope to work in industry, perhaps in research and development. A friend and I have an idea for a startup, but I may also find myself back at the University, studying for a doctoral degree."