Meet the Researchers (Video)



A glimpse into the laboratories and research being conducted by Hebrew University scientists - working to better understand and discover a cure for the Coronavirus.


Prof. Yuval Dor explains how the University's interdepartmental equipment unit has been converted to conduct Coronavirus tests and research.

Dr. Maayan Salton and Dr. Yotam Drier discuss how Hebrew University researchers are collaborating to develop a faster Coronavirus test and conduct research.


Dr. Oren Parnas' research on white blood cells may detect where the virus hides during the incubation period, as well as elucidate the regulation of the receptors through which the virus enters our bodies.



Prof. Rotem Karni discusses the molecules his lab has developed, which target viral RNA and prevent the virus from replicating in patients' lungs - thus improving treatment for patients who are already infected.

Dr. Michael Berger discusses his research into the antiviral immunity of T-cells, and possibility of manipulating them in an environment without oxygen.


Prof. Zvika Granot discusses the potential of limiting immune cell activation as a way to minimize the virus-induced pneumoniaand thus mortality rates among COVID-19 patients.