Renana Atia, Communications

Exploring Questions of Representation and Stereotypes

Renana Atia is a doctoral student in the Smart Family Institute of Communications at the Hebrew University. She was educated in both ultra-Orthodox and National Religious schools, and later completed her national service working with people from diverse backgrounds. 

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Efrat Dressler, Postdoctral Fellow at Wharton

Efrat Dressler spent her postdoctoral year at Wharton Business School with all the benefits of being at one of the best business schools in the world.

“It was only once I was at Wharton, and with the benefit of hindsight, that I really understood the JBS’s requirement for its faculty members to have spent time abroad.

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Shelly Engdau Vanda, Social Work

Shelly Engdau Vanda was born in Ethiopia and made aliya with her family, via Sudan, when she was five years old. Although she was a bright student, there was nothing about her upbringing that hinted she’d become a trailblazer. Today, Shelly is one of only a handful of Israeli doctoral students of Ethiopian descent.

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Shuvi Hoffman, Revivim Alumna and Pedagogical Mentor

Though Shuvi Hoffman graduated from Revivim several years ago, she still lives and breathes its educational values, as a pedagogical mentor working with the program’s fourth and final year students. 

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Meytal Blumenthal, Revivim Alumna

Graduating four years ago from Revivim, Meytal, the first recipient of The Barbara Sieratzki Scholarship, still draws on the in-depth training she received to make her Bible classes meaningful as well as informative. Working in the prestigious Reali School in Haifa, her students hail from all over the country and include Christians, Moslems, Druze, and Jews.

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Shlomit Hadas-Blonder, 1st Year Revivim Student

Shlomit Hadas-Blonder decided to be an educator and make a difference already as a teen, inspired by her teacher at the prestigious IASA school who was a Revivim graduate. Realizing then that she wanted to emulate the values he embodied – pluralism, excellence, and a desire to teach Jewish Studies and Bible, she embarked on a path taking her straight to Revivim. During her army service, she served in the Education Corps.

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Keren Dinur, Political Science

Keren Dinur is enrolled in the Advanced Graduate Studies Program (AGSP) where she is on the direct doctoral track in political science. She explains the uniqueness of the program because it “allows me a special relationship with the faculty of my department, they have a huge belief in me and provide a real feeling of wanting to push us forward and help us along”.

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Guy Mor, Political Science

A Tight-Knit Community of Graduate Researchers 

Guy Mor grew up in Jerusalem and earned a bachelor’s degree in philosophy and political science from the Hebrew University. During his studies he worked as a research assistant, conducting a comparative study of European and Israeli legislation and regulation. This experience inspired him to continue to a graduate degree.

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Dr. Areej Sabbagh-Khoury: Sociology

Pinpointing the Point of Conflict

Dr. Areej Sabbagh-Khoury was born and raised in the village of Mi’ilya in the Galilee. She completed all of her degrees at Tel Aviv University and joined the Hebrew University following postdoctoral fellowships at Columbia University, New York University, Brown University and Tufts University.

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