Glocal MA program at The Hebrew University: Helping to Make a difference

The Glocal MA program at The Hebrew University is helping making a difference on the ground.

Together with organizations like Tevel b’Tzedek, HU international students and young Israeli backpackers work in impoverished villages across South-East Asia to improve their residents’ nutrition, provide clean water, and create basic decent human living conditions for housing, health and education.

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Discovery of Promising Cure for Day Blindness by Gene Therapy

Prof. Ron Ofri of Hebrew University of Jerusalem’s Koret School of Veterinary Medicine has developed a gene therapy that may cure hereditary day blindness, called achromatopsia. People affected by this vision disorder cannot see in bright daylight, can only see in low-light conditions, and have low visual acuity and colorblindness as well.

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Hebrew University Faculty Envision the Future: Israel 70+

In honor of Israel's 70th Anniversary, we decided to look into the future, to try and predict what the next 70 years will look like. With the help of our Hebrew University faculty members, we put together a fascinating portrait of Israel at 70+.

We asked 9 researchers: how do you envision the future in your field?  How they answer, will fascinate you!

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Snails Bring Speedy Economic Empowerment for African Women

Snails may be the fast track to economic growth and empowerment for women living in West Africa, thanks to a pair of Ghanaian research students heading a project sponsored by the Hebrew University of Jerusalem's Robert H. Smith Faculty of Agriculture, Food and Environment.

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Eye Opening Surgery Saves Vision of Wild Wolf

Zahava, a nine year old wild wolf from the Yotvata Nature Reserve was brought to the HU Veterinary Hospital after suffering from chronic eye infections. Her condition had worsened, covering her corneas with a visible film that impaired her vision. Traditionally, this condition requires a daily administration of eye drops, but such treatment is untenable in the wild. Prof.

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HU Prof. Is Making the World More Colorful and Beautiful

Hebrew University Professor, Alexander Vainstein, is changing the way we see the world around us and making it more colorful in the process. The Wolfson Family Professor of Floriculture is most known for genetically modifying tobacco to  produce the natural compound used in the anti-malaria medication, artemisinin. His recent work is making the world more attractive as he has discovered a way to change the colors of flowers.

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