Or Shabtay. Photo by Hadas Parush Flash 90. 

A Professional Basketball Player Returns to his Roots

Or Shabtay dreams of working in orthopedics in a third-world country someday. A graduate of a military boarding school in Haifa, Shabtay spent 12 years playing professional basketball. Despite this semi-detour, the 23-year-old athlete has known almost his entire life that he wanted to be both a doctor and an officer in the IDF. For Shabtay, Tzameret is a natural fit. He was born into a military family which includes an aunt who served as a military physician, and he is now in his sixth year of the program.

“Tzameret is the best opportunity for me to combine two things that I love and that are very important to my family: medicine and the army," he says.

Shabtay is drawn to orthopedics because "it's the kind of the profession that makes it very simple to help others without requiring a lot of resources," he explains.