Research Complex for Soil and Water Sciences

Sustainable Planet


Balancing the need for nutritious food sources and access to water for the ever-growing world population with safeguarding our prime natural resources of water and soil is a key challenge. Soil and ground water contamination by pharmaceuticals, pesticides and herbicides; global warming and reduced rainfall in the world’s grain belts; erosion and soil depletion and salinization — these are just some of the phenomena being addressed by researchers specializing in water and soil sciences at the Robert H. Smith Faculty of Agriculture, Food and Environment. Indeed, they are part of a pioneering continuum of agricultural scientists who have been key players in developing and managing Israel’s limited water resources, in mitigating its desertification, in creating successful agriculture and higher agricultural yields in a semi-arid environment, and in sharing the research, knowledge, and applied solutions that they have developed with other countries and peoples.


The Research Complex for Soil and Water Sciences will provide these experts with the modern scientific infrastructure and facilities that will help them conduct basic research and leverage their work to develop applied approaches and technologies to areas such as water reutilization, precision irrigation, soil protection, and resource-sensitive farming — and that will protect the delicate ecosystem without hindering sustainable agriculture.