Our Seven Year Capital Campaign

Today’s Investments Create a More Promising Tomorrow

The Hebrew University’s future is bright. In the coming decades, we will continue to establish expertise and develop leadership across a wide breadth of disciplines  in order to best address the challenges facing humanity.  Whether it is changing our understanding of the brain or our understanding of the past, expanding our foray into the worlds of cyber, quantum, nano and computer science, creating new models for cities, communities, health care, financial or political systems, or leveraging every last drop of water, we plan to build on the Hebrew University’s tradition of innovation in the years to come.

To achieve our ambitious goals, the Hebrew University is embarking on an equally ambitious fundraising mission through which we plan to raise $1 billion over the seven years of our centennial anniversary.

In its first hundred years, the Hebrew University can already claim great achievements. As we enter the next century, we hope to further invest in existing and new disciplines, in research and learning environments, in encouraging innovation and entrepreneurship, and mainly – in people.  It is our investment in faculty and students to date which has already made us into a world-class institution of learning and innovation.

Looking ahead, we have identified a number of key strategic areas which will best ensure that we can continue to remain cutting-edge, to innovate, to create knowledge and leadership, and to meet the challenges of the 21st century and beyond.




Campaign Strategic Priority Areas

High Tech Jerusalem

At the Hebrew University, we are at the forefront of several rapidly innovating fields, such as nanotechnology, quantum science, artificial intelligence and cybersecurity. We lead Israel in technology transfer and in establishing university start-ups. As we support our scientists and entrepreneurs, we are further solidifying the city of Jerusalem as a global technology center.

Human Health

We are driving innovations across the breadth of health-related disciplines - including in precision and computational medicine, brain sciences, and cannabis research. Updating laboratory facilities and equipment while also investing in teaching will allow us to pursue breakthroughs across disciplines to improve healthcare for generations of patients. 

Leadership for Tomorrow

Our continued innovative culture and academic excellence relies on attracting the best talent – both faculty and students.  We seek to invest in research environments for young faculty, in fellowships for talented students, and in innovative, interdisciplinary and honors graduate and undergraduate programs which will forge the next generation of great thinkers, leaders and problem-solvers – in Israel and around the world.

Better World

We are investing in programs which will create knowledge and leadership to solve world challenges. At home, through scholarships, diversity initiatives, support services and more, we will ensure a stronger and more representative university community and a model of pluralism and tolerance for society at large.

Global Collaboration

The Hebrew University will continue as an active participant in the international community of scholars. We plan to increase student exchange opportunities, welcome more international students to our degree programs, and foster collaborative partnerships with renowned partner institutions worldwide. 

Sustainable Planet

As pioneers in water reclamation, natural pesticides, food development, and more, we are committed to continuing our work to preserve the planet amid challenges of population growth, climate change, and damage already done to our natural resources. Our revolutionary work in sustainable agriculture, transportation, food safety, environmental sciences, urban planning, public health and community development has the potential to make a real impact in the coming years.

Building Capacity

We intend to change the world. To do so, we will physically build out the necessary infrastructure and spaces, including extensive renovations and thoughtful modernizations, to best nurture the people and ideas of tomorrow.  We will also build the capacity of our students through new teaching programs and modalities.


But, we can’t do it alone.

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