Building Capacity



Allowing the next generation of scholars to solve society’s most pressing challenges requires places and spaces. Hebrew University is committed to building the necessary laboratories,  libraries, classrooms, and more, so that our students and faculty can meet, share ideas, engage in pioneering research, and ultimately change the world.

The 100th Anniversary of Hebrew University is an opportunity to ensure that all of our campuses are ready for the coming century. While we can’t predict what technologies the future will hold, we can, however, invest in modern, strong and green buildings with interactive spaces, smart classrooms, and state-of-the-art libraries. This forward-looking building strategy will put Hebrew University in a better position to better shape that future. Maintaining our tradition of innovation into the next century requires a significant investment in infrastructure across all campuses. Our campus is a wellspring of creativity. Therefore, we must work to improve our facilities for the sake of Hebrew University’s legacy and all the future scholars who will one day work there.



Campaign Projects