We live in a global society where innovations are jointly pioneered across borders. Improved technology, travel and communication continue to bring faraway places together, creating an international community of scholars that will expand our knowledge and educate the next generation. Advances are made when we build upon each other’s work – not when we work in silos – therefore, we collaborate across borders and promote a free exchange of ideas.

At the Hebrew University, we are investing in the shift toward international collaboration and exchange. Through exchange programs, we send our students to top institutions abroad, and we welcome students from around the world who wish to study at our University on short term exchanges as well as on full degree programs. Through strategic collaborations, our researchers connect to their international colleagues who are working on similar complex challenges. We host scholars and students in Israel to establish academic networks and to foster important discourse. We also strongly encourage our students to immerse themselves in their field both at home and abroad, affording them opportunities to connect with other cultures and ways of working around the globe.


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The New Solar: Turning Water Into Fuel


The New Solar: Turning Water Into Fuel

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Israel’s High Tech Sector: Supplying a Growing Vertical

The New Solar: Turning Water Into Fuel