The future of the Hebrew University is only as bright as the talent and faculty it can attract in the coming years. Therefore, we are committed to attracting the very best students and scholars. With the continued support of our generous community, we can drive the innovative breakthroughs needed to solve the world’s complex problems, and together make the Hebrew University of tomorrow a reality.

With an eye on the future, the Hebrew University is enacting a multi-pronged approach to securing the best leadership for tomorrow. We are recruiting first-rate new faculty members who have the potential to make a lasting and sustained impact on the institution. We will offer more scholarships to the most qualified students and will strengthen and establish graduate programs to ensure that we continue to produce leaders in the public and private sectors as well as in culture and academia.  Our graduate studies vary by across disciplineour schools and faculties but they are all dedicated to creating innovative leadership nurturing leaders to meet the challenges of the coming years.




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The New Solar: Turning Water Into Fuel