Hebrew University is committed to maintaining its legacy of medical innovation in the coming years by focusing how we can live healthier and better lives. We are able to bring together our breadth of disciplines and various experts with research labs and medical centers to actively and collaboratively confront a host of health issues.

We are working across several emerging healthcare fields in order to foster breakthroughs wherever they may occur and however they can provide the most positive impact. For example, as people continue to live longer lives, we have redoubled our efforts in neurodegenerative research. We are also proud to be leading the way in the field of precision medicine, including a deeper understanding of cell function. Equally important is our research on the autism spectrum disorder, empathy, as well as the simple fundamentals of how we relate to one another.  Wherever the research may take us, however it can help humanity, Hebrew University’s ambition is to preserve and protect health for generations to come.


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