Need-Based Scholarships

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Providing Crucial Financial Support

Higher education is universally considered the best path to social mobility, to positive social change, and to tackling inequality. In Israel, equal access to higher education is vital to bridging the country’s rapidly growing social gaps and to boosting social inclusion of its diverse communities.

The Hebrew University is committed to equal access to higher education. We believe that financial need should never prevent a qualified student from earning a degree. From partial scholarships to full scholarships which include both tuition and living expenses, the Hebrew University endeavors to help all its students fulfill their dreams.

While most scholarships are awarded based on established criteria, occasionally students coping with extenuating circumstances require additional aid. Thus, the Dean of Student’s Discretionary Fund was created to provide extra support for special cases — for example, a student who’s experienced a family tragedy; or a refugee from a war-torn country, or a single mother needing a matching grant for the studies critical to her future career.