Eva Khasis, Neuropsychology

Eva Khasis

Eva is originally from Haifa. She has been living in Jerusalem for the past four years. Her mother, a single parent, raised Eva while also caring for her aging parents.

From a young age, Eva dreamt about studying in the Hebrew University. She decided to study towards a BA in international relations and psychology. During her undergraduate studies, she conducted a study testing the influence of negative memories on subjects’ attention span, gathering data from 77 subjects. She demonstrated a decline in attentiveness following the retrieval of negative memories, compared to neutral ones.

Today, Eva is working towards a masters in applied neuropsychology, having grown interested in the relationship between brain activity, the mind, and behavior. As part of her thesis, she joined a study testing the auditory and tactile modalities in sighted and congenitally blind participants.

Eva’s future goal is to become a therapist and treat people with brain injuries. She currently volunteers as an employment consultant at The National Institute for the Rehabilitation of the Brain Injured, gaining professional experience.

"I feel very honored to receive a scholarship and I hope that one day I will be able to give out scholarships to other students myself."