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An End To Invasive Biopsies?

Hebrew University Researchers Advance Simple and Inexpensive Diagnostic Blood Test

A new blood test has the potential to diagnose a wide array of diseases including cancers, liver diseases, immune disorders and more.  Extremely accurate, the test can report on the exact state and location of the disease without need for invasive and painful biopsies.


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Can A Miniscule Worm Hold the Secret to Genetically Reversing Brain Damage?

Hebrew University Research Successfully
Produces Genetically Engineered Synapsis, Circumventing Neural Damage

A team of Hebrew University researchers have successfully used genetic engineering as a first step to what one day may allow scientists to genetically repair damaged brain circuits.  The process, which was performed in tiny translucent C. elegans worms, saw the introduction of synthetically engineered connections (or synapses), as a means for bypassing missing connections between neurons in an impaired brain.  

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A 120,000 Year Old Message?

Israeli and French Researchers Uncover Prehistoric Bone With Etchings Believed to be one of the Oldest Evidence of Human Use of Symbols


While scientists and historians have long surmised that etchings on stones and bones have been used as a form of symbolism dating back as early as the Middle Paleolithic period (250,000-45,000 BCE), findings to support that theory are extremely rare.