Promising Hebrew University Researchers Awarded Prestigious ERC Starting Grants

10 January, 2022

Drs. Yonit Hochberg and Mor Nitzan Among 43% of ERC Grants Awarded to Women, Highest Rate Ever

Close to 400 early-career researchers won European Research Council (ERC) Starting Grants, among them two promising female researchers from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem (HU). These grants, worth on average €1.5 million each, will help ambitious younger researchers launch their own projects, form their teams and pursue their best ideas. 

Hebrew University

University of Illinois System and Hebrew University Launch Second Round of Joint R&D Teams

23 December, 2021

$200,000 in Grants Awarded to Innovative Medical, Agricultural Research 

The Hebrew University of Jerusalem (HU) and The University of Illinois (U of I) System awarded $200,000 to four new interdisciplinary research teams to drive innovations and advance collaboration between the universities.  It is the second round of a seed-grant program that began in 2019.

Ilana Fox Fisher

New Liquid Biopsy Detects Local Immune Activity

15 December, 2021

Blood Test Developed at Hebrew U. Detects Immune and Inflammatory Activity in Tissues, Removing Need for Painful Biopsies and Expensive Imaging

Our immune systems work hard to keep us healthy and to protect us against bacteria, viruses, fungi, parasites and cancerous cells.  When our Immune systems are weakened, we’re at risk for illnesses and dangerous infections; when they’re overactive, we’re at risk for inflammation and autoimmune diseases.  Therefore, accurate monitoring of our immune systems’ activity is vital to our health.  


Newly-Identified State in Bacteria Has Major Implications for Antibiotic Treatment and Resistant Strains

17 November, 2021

For almost two years, newsfeeds have kept us updated on the daily battle to annihilate the coronavirus.  So, it’ s easy to forget that there are also many types of bacteria threatening human health – our survival depends on the constant quest for new antibiotics that can destroy them.  Recent research provides an important insight into the complex response of bacteria to antibiotics and opens up the possibility of developing a novel and more effective class of drugs to combat major bacterial diseases.

Lachish The Assyrian Ramp

Siege Ramps and Breached Walls: Ancient Warfare and the Assyrian Conquest of Lachish

9 November, 2021

Back in the day, the Assyrians were one of the Near East’s superpowers, controlling a land mass that stretched from Iran to Egypt. They accomplished this feat with military technologies that helped them win any open-air battle or penetrate any fortified city.  While today, air power and bunker busters help win the war, back in the ninth to the seventh centuries BCE, it was all about the siege ramp, an elevated structure that hauled battering ramps up to the enemy’s city walls and let the Neo-Assyrians soldiers wreak havoc on their enemies.