Lachish The Assyrian Ramp

Siege Ramps and Breached Walls: Ancient Warfare and the Assyrian Conquest of Lachish

9 November, 2021

Back in the day, the Assyrians were one of the Near East’s superpowers, controlling a land mass that stretched from Iran to Egypt. They accomplished this feat with military technologies that helped them win any open-air battle or penetrate any fortified city.  While today, air power and bunker busters help win the war, back in the ninth to the seventh centuries BCE, it was all about the siege ramp, an elevated structure that hauled battering ramps up to the enemy’s city walls and let the Neo-Assyrians soldiers wreak havoc on their enemies.

Photo by Roey Schurr

Novel Method Developed at Hebrew University Reveals Details of Nerve Connections in the Brain

7 October, 2021

The human brain is a constant buzz of activity, with its 86 billion nerve cells (neurons) sending electrical signals from one region of the brain to another. The signals travel along the white matter fibers, a maze of wire-like fibers, ultimately giving rise to all brain functions. Uncovering these wire-like highways between neurons has been a longstanding challenge for neuroscience.  Existing methods for mapping this neural circuitry at the cellular level are either limited to animal studies or require highly specialized equipment for data acquisition and processing.

Prof. Rabinovici Credit: CERN

Hebrew University's Eliezer Rabinovici Elected President of Cern Council - European Nuclear Research Organization

27 September, 2021

The CERN Council announced the election of Hebrew University of Jerusalem (HU) physicist Professor Eliezer Rabinovici as its 24th President as of January 2022.  Based in Geneva, Switzerland, CERN is the largest nuclear particle research center in the world.   Rabinovici will be taking over from Dr. Ursula Bassler, who concludes her term at the end of 2021.