Sara Abeba, Social Work and Law Student

Sara Abeba


Sara Abeba, 28, is doing a dual degree in social work and law. Born and raised in Netanya, her parents immigrated to Israel in the 1991 Operation Solomon airlift of Ethiopian Jews. Her mother has worked as a cleaner since her father’s death several years ago. Sara served as an officer in the Education Corps for her compulsory IDF service.

She was the first among the six siblings in her family to pursue a university degree which, she says, “pushes me to succeed and to be an example and a role model”. Her scholarship has been of significance for two reasons: “First is the understanding that there are people who feel it is important to give of themselves and contribute to society. This makes me aspire to reach a situation where I can help and give as much as possible. The second is the economic side: my family does not have the ability to support me financially and undoubtedly, the scholarship has filled this void.”