Friends of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem of Peru was established in 2013 with the support of the Israeli Embassy.

Our organization seeks to create a cultural and educational link between Peru and Israel, exchanging researchers, technology, knowledge and numerous activities that enrich the two parties. It also supports various fundraising initiatives from Peru to the University, with the purpose of developing both the research and its infrastructure.

Several notable Hebrew University researchers have given lectures in Lima, such as Professor Robert Aumann, Nobel Prize winner and Hebrew University Honorary Doctorate recipient, and Moshe Tatar, Director of the Hebrew University's Fox School of Education.

Peru has participated several meetings of the Board of Governors, maintaining important ties with Hebrew University leaders and staying up-to-date on Hebrew University news. 



President: Oscar Vexelman

Executive Director: Susana Gherson

Collaborators: Irene Shashar, Milly Roitman, Pablo Hoffenberg


Email: amigos.uhj.pe@gmail.com