Campus Dining


Unlike many North American campuses, the Hebrew University does not offer meal plans. The dormitories have shared kitchens or private kitchenettes, and it is common for students to go home for the weekend, packing shabbat leftovers for the days ahead.  

A number of eateries operate within the Hebrew University campuses. These establishments are renovated and improved on an ongoing basis.  

On Mt. Scopus, a new café opened near the Seymour Fox School of Education, offering salads, sandwiches, hot drinks, and snacks. The café in the Humanities underwent renovations, making it a more pleasant place to grab a quick bite between classes. Yet by far, the most bustling place to eat is Atlas, located in the Frank Sinatra building, which offers hearty, home-cooked vegetarian and meat meals. A separate section offers a dairy menu. Murals were recently painted on the walls, and the furniture on the dairy side was replaced.   

The Edmond J. Safra campus features a number of eateries, ranging from cooked meat meals at Atlas, Sodexo, and HaMeshek, an impressive Italian dairy menu at Fabiano, and an upscale vegetarian restaurant near the Cosell Center. Other cafés across campus offer sandwiches, salad bars, drinks, and snacks. 

In Rehovot, the one existing cafeteria closed during the 2018/19 school year. This year, a new contractor was brought in, and the newly renovated cafeteria is a well-lit, airy, and chic place to grab lunch. It features both meat and dairy sections, along with a salad bar, snacks, and drinks.  

Images of the cafés, cafeterias, and eateries are available here.

Most eateries are contractually obliged to offer certain items at a set, subsidized price. The Student Union helps raise awareness among students, encouraging them to purchase the subsidized products, and report if they are not in stock. The Student Union has also negotiated discount meal tickets with a number of eateries. By purchasing 5-10 meals in advance, students can save a few extra shekels. Lastly, the Union provides microwaves and hot water throughout the campuses, and coffee and tea are sold on the honor system.