Celebrating an Exciting New School Year

HU Students

The Hebrew University looks forward to a fruitful and challenging year ahead

Welcome back to school! Before diving into another year of studies, students at our Mt. Scopus Campus celebrated the new school year in style today with live music and fun in the sun. We warmly welcome our returning students and wish our new students the best of luck in the first steps of their academic journey!


As the Hebrew University opens its doors for the 2018-2019 academic year, its academic programs and student body continue to be marked by trends of growth and development. Here are some of the highlights of recent activities and projects at the University as we look forward to a fruitful and challenging year ahead:

  • Student Body – Despite a 2.5% nation-wide decrease of new undergraduate students in Israeli universities, we are pleased to report a 3-5% increase of new undergraduate students for 2018/9! A total of approximately 5000 students are expected to study this year at the Mt. Scopus campus, in addition to a total of approximately 6,300 students at the Edmond J. Safra Campus, Ein Karem Campus and the Rehovot Campus. Additionally, we are excited to report that students from the Arab-Palestinian sector are expected to comprise 8% of the incoming first-year class of undergraduates, a significant growth compared to previous years.

  • East Jerusalem – Alongside their studies, our students and faculty are involved in numerous activities in East Jerusalem aimed at enhancing Arab-Jewish coexistence. These include a project initiated by a group of female students offering free Hebrew language instruction to women from East Jerusalem at the Mt. Scopus campus; Arab language courses taught to faculty members; the participation of a group of faculty members in the “Runners without Borders” project, and more.

  • Faculty Mentoring – Following its tremendous success last year, the University will continue in 2018/9 its mentoring program in which faculty members serve as mentors for small groups of 5-10 first-year students. This program enables faculty members to share their academic interests and areas of research with the students and to help them navigate the challenges that accompany the first year of university studies.

  • “Hevruta” Project -  During the 2017-2018 academic year, 11 groups of doctoral students met on a monthly basis for interdisciplinary discussion and research in the framework of the “Hevruta” project. The 70 participating doctoral students came from a wide range of academic backgrounds, including humanities, social sciences, education, social work and STEM disciplines. The project, which will continue this year, provides important intellectual and social support for PhD students, as well as allowing them to discuss a variety of topics from different academic points of view.


We wish our students and faculty a successful and fulfilling year!