Eye Opening Surgery Saves Vision of Wild Wolf

Wolf Image


Zahava, a nine year old wild wolf from the Yotvata Nature Reserve was brought to the HU Veterinary Hospital after suffering from chronic eye infections. Her condition had worsened, covering her corneas with a visible film that impaired her vision. Traditionally, this condition requires a daily administration of eye drops, but such treatment is untenable in the wild. Prof. Ron Ofri, who specializes in veterinary ophthalmology, immediately ordered unique implants from the United States that are designed to be placed in the back of the the eyes and automatically administer drops on a daily basis.The implants allow the medicine to be sent directly to Zahava's eyes and without interfering with her daily life.

Ofri and his team conducted the surgery, the second of its kind in Israel, and successfully placed an implant behind each eye. Today, they are anticipating Zahava's full recovery at the Yotvata Nature Reserve, she calls home, and where she is fully enjoying its beauty for the first time in over a year.