Graduate Programs in Social Sciences

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Scholarships for the Advanced Graduate Studies Program

The Advanced Graduate Studies Program (AGSP) maintains the highest standard of education in the Social Sciences while significantly cutting the length of graduate studies—thus lowering dropout rates and keeping Israel's best and brightest at home.

Due to shorter, more concentrated and better funded graduate programs abroad, many of Israel’s top students are leaving Israel to complete PhD programs in North America or Europe. The Advanced Graduate Studies Program (AGSP) works to minimize the effect of “brain drain” on Israeli society by creating a comprehensive program that mimics the concentrated model of foreign institutions while retaining the extended one-on-one mentorship between student and adviser that characterizes Israeli doctoral studies.

The AGSP condenses the entire graduate process into a cohesive, full-time five-year program and expects the students to fully throw themselves into their research and teaching duties in order to succeed. Due to the intense nature of the program, students are not able to work outside of the confines of their studies and so AGSP is seeking scholarship support for its students that will provide them with essential financial support and long term stability.

Six years ago, the Hebrew University successfully launched a pilot in Advanced Graduate Studies in the Department of Political Science. We are now seeking to expand the program throughout the Faculty of Social Sciences, the top faculty of its type in Israel.

Following the initial success of the pilot program, the model has been replicated in the Departments of Economics and Psychology and it is now being opened and seeking student funding in the following fields:

  • Geography, Environment & Geoinformatics
  • Communication & Journalism
  • Statistics & Data Science
  • Public Policy
  • Sociology