Kinoko-Tech: A Zero Waste Protein Source

HTJ Innovate Kinko-Tech

With backgrounds spanning plant science, microbiology, and food science, Jasmin Ravid, Dr. Daria Feldman, and Hadar Shohat were perfectly poised to invent an alternative source of protein when they founded their startup, Kinoko-Tech

The trio came together around Dr. Feldman’s idea to develop a platform and method for growing mycelia for use in food production. They have developed a zero-waste method for growing a complete protein, with nutritional values on par with animal protein.    

In 2019 they completed Asper HUJI Innovate’s pre-accelerator program, OPEN AgFood.

"Asper-HUJI Innovate was precisely the push we needed to realize our idea and bring it into fruition."

Jasmin Ravid, CEO

Looking forward, Kinoko has secured initial seed money and plans on registering their method as a patent. This will enable them to scale-up production and began approaching food manufacturers in Israel and abroad.