Meet Beatrice Gedion, Kenya

Beatrice Gedion

Beatrice earned her MSc in the field of Plant Sciences in 2016-17. Her personal project was the construction of water reservoirs for irrigation in Kenya.

Beatrice says, "After receiving the opportunity to study for my MSc degree in Israel, I wanted to take home the knowledge I had gained and use it to advance my community. The nearest water point to my village is approximately 17 km away, with the only accessible means of transport being donkeys, since it is mountainous; people spend half a day just fetching water. When I went home during the semester break, I discussed with my community’s leaders the idea of constructing water reservoirs to collect water runoff and use it for irrigation. My parents supported my idea and helped me dig. So far, my community has built five reservoirs.”

One of Beatrice's water reservoirs in Kenya