Meet Mugagga Kalyesubula, Uganda

Mugagga Kalyesuba


Mugagga earned his MSc in Animal Sciences in 2015-16. He was a Pears Scholar, and focused on the study of goats.

Mugagga says, "A colleague and I decided to establish a model goat farm from which other farmers could learn better farming practices. My colleague contacted me because he was aware that I had acquired new knowledge and experience through the master's program in animal sciences at the Hebrew University. This knowledge was key in utilizing the natural resources in my country to bring the project to life… we have created jobs for several formerly unemployed youths and, at the same time, have trained several farmers on how to adopt better farming practices. We are also in the process of establishing a commercial feed center, which will preserve goat feeds to make them available to other farmers, especially during the dry season when grazing land is scarce.”

Mugagga (left) learning from Prof. Sameer J. Mabjees