Multiculturalism and Diversity Legal Clinic

Clinic Workers and Students


The Multiculturalism and Diversity Clinic operates within the Faculty of Law, giving voice to the different cultural groups within Israeli society by using the law and other strategies such as dialogue among different populations. Each year, some 16 students participate in this clinic. They employ a variety of tools to promote minority groups and fruitful dialogue between communities in Israeli society; study multicultural theory; and provide legal representation for cases and advance policy in areas such as profiling, segregation in education, and structural discrimination of minorities in the criminal justice system.

Impact & Achievements

  • In 2017/18 the Clinic handled 35 cases, 4 of which went to court; 38 legal requests and appeals were made.
  • Presented position papers at the Knesset on integration of students of Ethiopian descent and advancing policy for combatting police brutality.
  • Presented a report that led to the establishment of the Forum of Israelis of Ethiopian Descent in the Criminal Justice System.
  • Conducted groundwork for a proposed reform to history curricula in high school to include Mizrahi history.
  • Submitted 16 different Freedom of Information requests for Israelis of Ethiopian descent, after the Population and Immigration Authority had failed to provide any response at all.
  • Filed a libel suit against a radio station for using a picture of a student wearing a hijab as an illustration of a Muslim woman who supports terrorism.
  • Handles 20+ legal cases each year (several set precedents); representation of various clients experiencing discrimination on grounds of ethnicity, transgender status etc.
  • Launched an information campaign entitled ‘Stop Profiling: Look at Me' to raise awareness of racial profiling on public transportation.
  • Hosted the bi-lingual Inti B’tichki Arabiya (You Speak Arabic) event featuring art, academia and experiential learning of Arabic.

In the photo: Students and Clinical Lawyers, in role of ‘friend of court’ and representatives of the Noar Ke’Halacha NGO, at a court hearing on discrimination within education system against ultra-Orthodox girls of Sephardi background.