Eva Khasis, Neuropsychology

Eva is originally from Haifa. She has been living in Jerusalem for the past four years. Her mother, a single parent, raised Eva while also caring for her aging parents.

Meet Karthikeyan Pandi, PhD Dental Student

Karthikeyan Pandi is a PhD student in the Faculty of Dental Medicine. Hailing from India, he chose to study at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem because it would best prepare him for a career conducting dental research.Before arriving at the Hebrew University, Karthikeyan had been exposed to HUJI research and publications, which helped solidify his decision to pursue graduate studies in Jerusalem.

Vision Rehabilitation: A Path to Emerge from Darkness

Vision Rehabilitation: A Path to Emerge from DarknessThe Challenge

Meet Dr. Smita Todkar, IMPH Graduate

Dr. Smita Todkar, MD graduated from the International Master of Public Health (IMPH) Program at the Braun School of Public Health and Community Medicine in 2017. With a commitment to “reaching the most marginalized people”, Smita returned to India where she is currently focused on maternal and child health for “Ekjut”, an NGO in Jharkhand.

Meet Sarah Angabo, Dental Student

Studying Dental Science in JerusalemSarah Angabo came to Jerusalem from Nigeria and is close to completing her master’s degree in bio-medical sciences at the Faculty of Dental Medicine.

Meet Arthur Berrou, PhD Student

Border-Crossing Brain ScienceArthur grew up in Brittany, France, awash in science. While he was initially torn between studying medicine and conducting scientific research, he was able to reconcile his interests through the MD-PhD program in the biology department at the École Normale Supérieure in Ulm. That’s where he first encountered neuroscience.

Clone of Meet Yuval Tarrab, MSc Chemistry Student

Yuval grew up in the the city of Yehud, south-east of Tel Aviv. She completed her undergraduate degree in Chemistry and Cognitive Science in 2017. Now in the 2nd year of her master’s degree at the Institute of Chemistry, Yuval is researching protein interactions in Prof. Assaf Friedler’s lab as well as working as a teaching assistant. Before joining a lab, she couldn’t have managed without a scholarship.