Were Dinosaurs Warm Blooded?

How Did Dinosaur Parents Know When Their Kids Had a Fever? Prehistoric egg shells provide clues to dinosaurs’ evolution from cold- to warm-blooded creatures

Jiayou! Stay Strong, China 加油

Stay Strong! To show Hebrew University’s support for our Asian colleagues and to spread a message of hope, we have put together this video—Jiayou! Our hearts are with you, China.  Further, we have provided on-campus counseling services and support for our international students and researchers.     

Eva Khasis, Neuropsychology

Eva is originally from Haifa. She has been living in Jerusalem for the past four years. Her mother, a single parent, raised Eva while also caring for her aging parents.

Meet Daniel Khaykelson, PhD Candidate

Growing up in the northern Jerusalem neighborhood of Pisgat Ze’ev, Daniel Khaykelson wasn’t always keen on studying science. But by stroke of luck, a suggestion by his high-school chemistry teacher directed Daniel towards a life-time journey into the world of science.

Meet Aaron Sloutski, PhD Chemistry Student

As a child, Aaron moved from the USSR to Jerusalem with his family. Growing up in close proximity to his grandparents, who were both physicists, Aaron was inspired and encouraged to study science from an early age.

The Children and Youth Rights Clinic

The Clinic operates within the Faculty of Law. The 20 students who participate use a holistic approach to promote the rights of at-risk children and youth in Israel through three main channels:

Meet Karthikeyan Pandi, PhD Dental Student

Karthikeyan Pandi is a PhD student in the Faculty of Dental Medicine. Hailing from India, he chose to study at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem because it would best prepare him for a career conducting dental research.Before arriving at the Hebrew University, Karthikeyan had been exposed to HUJI research and publications, which helped solidify his decision to pursue graduate studies in Jerusalem.

Vision Rehabilitation: A Path to Emerge from Darkness

Vision Rehabilitation: A Path to Emerge from DarknessThe Challenge

Meet Dr. Smita Todkar, IMPH Graduate

Dr. Smita Todkar, MD graduated from the International Master of Public Health (IMPH) Program at the Braun School of Public Health and Community Medicine in 2017. With a commitment to “reaching the most marginalized people”, Smita returned to India where she is currently focused on maternal and child health for “Ekjut”, an NGO in Jharkhand.

Meet Sarah Angabo, Dental Student

Studying Dental Science in JerusalemSarah Angabo came to Jerusalem from Nigeria and is close to completing her master’s degree in bio-medical sciences at the Faculty of Dental Medicine.