Meet Guy Mor, AGSP Student

Uncovering the TruthGuy Mor is in the midst of his Master’s degree in the Advanced Graduate Studies Program (AGSP) after finishing his BA in Political Science and Philosophy Summa cum Laude.

Dr. Areej Sabbagh-Khoury: Sociology

Pinpointing the Point of ConflictDr. Areej Sabbagh-Khoury was born and raised in the village of Mi’ilya in the Galilee. She completed all of her degrees at Tel Aviv University and joined the Hebrew University following postdoctoral fellowships at Columbia University, New York University, Brown University and Tufts University.

Dr. Lior Nissim: The Faculty of Medicine

From Tragedy to Triumph - The Path to Curing CancerBorn and raised in a lower-class neighborhood in Jaffa, Dr. Lior Nissim’s story is one of triumph over adversity. Tragically, when he was just three, his mother died of cancer – a pivotal moment in what became Dr. Nissim’s life’s mission, to cure cancer.

Dr. Yedid Hoshen

Eradicating the Need for HumansDr. Yedid Hoshen’s family has long been connected with the Hebrew University, from his great grandfather who was active in the South African Friends, to his grandfather, a professor emeritus, and his entire immediate family who are all graduates of the Hebrew University. With his academic journey starting in Oxford at age 15, Dr.

Dr. Leora Dahan Katz

Punishment and Righting WrongsThe relationship between law and ethics has long been debated. Dr. Leora Dahan Katz’s research in criminal law and legal philosophy focuses specifically on the ethics and practice of punishment within three spheres – the private, the institutional, and the political. She is exploring the philosophy of punishment, the relevance of relationships and the way in which punishment is a morally appropriate response to wrongdoing.

The Shluchei Tzibur (Public Envoys) Program

In 2011, the University established the ‘Shluchei Tzibur’ (Public Envoys) program for mid-career Haredi community leaders. This 2-year academic support and leadership development program is designed primarily for graduate students (across disciplines). The program comprises of three core elements:

Two Clinics Help Israelis of Ethiopian Descent

The Criminal Justice Clinic protects the rights of individuals accused of committing a crime, working with them at every stage of the process and with a focus on those without financial means. The Multiculturalism and Diversity Clinic gives voice to the different cultural groups within Israeli society by using the law and other strategies such as dialogue among different populations.

Designing Better Neighborhoods

Prioritizing Urban Playgrounds For Kids: Working Hard For Better Play At Hebrew University’s Urban Clinic, experts asked “If you could experience the city from 95 centimeters - the height of an average 3-year-old - what would you change?” After three years of work with urban planners and early childhood experts in nearly a dozen cities, Hebrew University’s Urban 95 project has a lot to show.

Archaeological Find Shows Ancients Worried about Rising Sea Levels Too

Researchers from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, the University of Haifa, Flinders University in Australia, and the Israel Antiquities Authority discovered the remains of the most ancient defense structure against the rising of the seas so far known in human history.

QueenB: Teaching Teenage Girls to Code

QueenB is a non-profit organization founded by computer science students that were disheartened by the paucity of women enrolled in  Computer Science & Engineering. They decided to take action, in order to increase the representation of Israeli women working in high-tech. QueenB's goal is to inspire girls and women to believe in themselves and have confidence in their abilities.