Preparing for the International Market

Aviv Braun

Preparing for the International Market

Towards the end of his undergraduate degree in Business Management and Communications, Aviv Braun took advantage of the Jerusalem School of Business Administration’s exchange program by attending a summer school at EDHEC in Nice, France. Currently some 30-40 Hebrew University business students go abroad each year to top universities in North America, Europe, and the Far East.

In addition, 10-20 international students come to study business in Jerusalem. JSBA seeks grow the program by providing scholarships to all qualified students, ensuring that finances are not a barrier to participation. Aviv, now studying for his MBA, is one of the Exchange Program’s biggest advocates.

"The experience took me out of my comfort zone in terms of communicating in a global environment… As well as gaining insight into the complexity of human interaction in an international context."

The Jerusalem School of Business Administration takes pride in training Israel’s future managerial leaders. Outgoing students have the opportunity to experience the business environment and culture in a different country and students who remain at home benefit through interactions with incoming students. Inevitably, both incoming and outgoing exchange students become excellent ambassadors for Israel around the world.