QueenB: Teaching Teenage Girls to Code

Mohr Wenger


QueenB is a non-profit organization founded by computer science students that were disheartened by the paucity of women enrolled in  Computer Science & Engineering. They decided to take action, in order to increase the representation of Israeli women working in high-tech. QueenB's goal is to inspire girls and women to believe in themselves and have confidence in their abilities. QueenB's main activity is a mentorship and training program where Computer Science students teach middle-school girls to code.

Mohr Wenger, an undergraduate student of Cognition and Computer Science, teaches at QueenB. She says, “I love being a role model for the eighth-grade girls to whom I teach programming through QueenB at the Safra Campus. This unique program, founded by Hebrew University graduates, aims to build self-confidence and encourage women to pursue a Computer Science degree and a high-tech career. Jerusalem has so much potential as the hub of the Startup Nation, as long as we work to inspire the next generation of computer scientists.”