Shlomit Hadas-Blonder, 1st Year Revivim Student

Hadas Blonder

Shlomit Hadas-Blonder decided to be an educator and make a difference already as a teen, inspired by her teacher at the prestigious IASA school who was a Revivim graduate. Realizing then that she wanted to emulate the values he embodied – pluralism, excellence, and a desire to teach Jewish Studies and Bible, she embarked on a path taking her straight to Revivim. During her army service, she served in the Education Corps. She taught Hebrew to new immigrants and, as an officer, created educational materials for her unit. 

On her release from the army, Shlomit had no doubts that Revivim was the course for her.

"This is the ultimate place for receiving both an amazing higher education in Jewish Studies and connecting Israeli high school students from diverse backgrounds to their Jewish heritage."

Shlomit adds, “No other program in Israel for Jewish Studies gives its students a bachelor’s degree, master’s degree and teaching certificate as well as hands-on teaching practice from day one. For me, another of the program’s biggest attractions is the caliber of my peers. Coming from religious, secular, and traditional homes, we all share the same ideals: to excel academically and to educate the next generation."

Shlomit is towards the end of her first year of studies. While her favorite classes were Talmud-era history and early Israeli literature, she enjoyed the preparation for classes and visits to schools even more.  

"Revivim gives me the skills I need to be an inspirational educator and improve society. By instilling in my students a deep understanding of their Jewish heritage and identity and motivating them to enjoy learning, I really feel they can become full members of society and fulfil their own potential."