The Shluchei Tzibur (Public Envoys) Program

Barak Medina Speaks to Students


In 2011, the University established the ‘Shluchei Tzibur’ (Public Envoys) program for mid-career Haredi community leaders. This 2-year academic support and leadership development program is designed primarily for graduate students (across disciplines). The program comprises of three core elements:

  • A leadership development program that imparts the skills and tools needed for effective community leadership.

  • “Gvanim”: A series of twenty 6-hour meetings held throughout the year, including meetings with academics, philosophers, and experts that introduce pluralistic values and facilitate discussions of various social-cultural conflicts and possible solutions

  • Each participant develops a social or educational project aimed at expanding the capacity of the Haredi community, and to advance the values of liberalism, pluralism, democracy and tolerance. Participants receive around 50 hours of individual mentoring by professional non-profit entrepreneurs

The program currently has 135 participants and graduates, whose project include:

  • A technology high school for Haredi boys.

  • Elementary and high schools that teach the 'core curriculum' and offer matriculation to Haredi boys.

  • Development of curriculum in Economics, Society and Politics for Haredi men.

  • An anonymous hotline for at-risk Haredi youth, run by volunteer social workers and therapists.

  • An umbrella organization for police and social workers who treat Haredim who have been sexually abused.

  • Promoting the integration of Haredim into the Israeli high-tech sector.

  • Legal, psychological, and financial assistance for women in the process of divorce.

  • Genetic testing for potential couples before they meet, ensuring the health of future generations.

  • A Beit Midrash in a top yeshiva for the study of identity, democracy and democratic values.

  • A forum of educators and rabbis dedicated to promoting army service suited for Haredi youth.

  • Establishment of a police unit to serve the Haredi population


In the photo: Hebrew University Rector Prof. Barak Medina speaking at the Shluchei Tzibur graduation, 2019