Shuvi Hoffman, Revivim Alumna and Pedagogical Mentor

Shuvi Hoffman


Though Shuvi Hoffman graduated from Revivim several years ago, she still lives and breathes its educational values, as a pedagogical mentor working with the program’s fourth and final year students. 

Knowing that helping the next generation learn would be her life’s work, Shuvi enrolled in Revivim with three clear objectives in mind. “I wanted to develop academically and earn a Master’s degree in Bible interpretation; to receive superb on-the-job pedagogic training; and to grow as an educator with a broad set of Jewish and liberal values.” 

Now a staff member, Shuvi is responsible for mentoring the students as they transition from the intense supervision of their teaching during years 2-3 of this unique program, and their complete independence as teachers upon graduating from Revivim. 

Her job has both internal and external components. Internally, Shuvi holds weekly workshops for her students on campus, where they deal with broad educational, pedagogical, and teaching issues, such as class management, educational philosophies, the learning process, marking homework, interacting with students’ parents, and other day-to-day challenges. These workshops serve as a forum where the students can share their problems, discuss pressing matters, and obtain practical tools they can implement in their teaching. The tools that Shuvi imparts to her students include encouraging active learning, integrating the use of games in class, experimenting with role-play, diversifying their teaching methods, and managing heterogeneous classes. To further broaden their horizons, Shuvi invites guest educational experts to these workshops to expose the students to innovative teaching ideas. 

Outside the University, Shuvi conducts monthly observations of the students’ teaching, providing constructive criticism, guidance and support, and sharing feedback from the schools’ principals.  No less important to her is the end goal: preparing her students for finding suitable teaching positions and coaching them throughout their job search.

Shuvi recently delivered a webinar titled, Jewish Educators for the 21st Century.

"For me, educating the educators is extremely gratifying. When high schools principals tell me they are only looking to hire Revivim graduates, as they can rely on their skills and know-how, it’s a wonderful feeling."