Student Dormitories

Dorm Photo

The Hebrew University dormitories are located on and near the campuses in Rehovot and across Jerusalem. The eight residential complexes include 4,500 rooms, which can house 6000 students. In addition, there are around 200 units for families and couples.

Over the last year, the University has improved its residential services in a number of ways. First, a new mobile-friendly website was launched, in both Hebrew and English. International and exchange students are able to learn about the dorms before their arrival, and communicate with the staff more easily during their time in Jerusalem. One dormitory re-opened for short-term stays, making it more attractive to international students.

The University is investing significant resources towards renovating its various facilities. While all buildings need some work, the extent varies. Some buildings receive cosmetic treatment, including fresh paint, new furniture, and new computer labs, while others are undergoing more intensive work, including new bathrooms and showers, upgrading smoke detectors, replacing AC systems, installing new windows and sealing roofs.

In addition, some buildings received upgraded WIFI, while others had a heat pump installed to reduce their carbon footprint.

As a result of these efforts, student satisfaction has risen. At the beginning of the school year, move-in went much more smoothly than previous years. Most significantly, the dormitories remain at full capacity and the staff simply hears less from students – the best indicator that students are having a wonderful experience in the dormitories.