Think Global, Act Local

Think Global

How can we think global but act local?

Dr. Itay Greenspan, Dr. Galit Cohen-Blankshtain, and Dr. Orna Shemer

How can environmental NGOs inspire local action on the global climate crisis?

The climate crisis is one of the most concerning global issue of our times, and its destructive effects on humanity are unprecedented. However, this has not yet sufficiently translated to action at the local and community levels. In an effort to address the climate crisis, we witness growing discussion about governmental policy and economic solutions to the problem. Yet, while international NGOs occupy a central part of global environmental discourse, the potential role and contributions of local and national NGOs in addressing the climate crisis remains understudied.

This project seeks to understand how a global problems, such as climate change, can be addressed on a local level. The project focuses on assessing the effectiveness of participatory climate assemblies organized by environmental NGOs in Israel. It seeks to understand whether these meetings were effective in stimulating local action to address the climate crisis.

The lessons from this project will help environmental NGOs maximize the effectiveness of their work with local municipalities and other nonprofits on climate-related issues. Read more here.

*Text from the Hebrew University Center for Sustainability website*