The Swiss Friends of the Hebrew University (CHFHU) is a national charity dedicated to the support and promotion of The Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

CHFHU is committed to providing funds for the University, supporting students and academics, and sustaining research projects across all academic disciplines. It also works to promote opportunities to study at the University. CHFHU invests in its donors and in the alumni of the University through its programs, social events and missions to the University.


President of the Swiss Friends Association of the Hebrew University and Co-President of the European Council: Gultin S. Ephrati

President: Nadia Guth Biasini


Swiss Friends of The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Website: www.chfhu.org

Geneva Office:

21A, avenue Dumas
CH-1206 Geneve

Tel: + 41 2 27 32 25 67
Email: geneva@uhjerusalem.org

General Delegate: Julie Castoriano Bugnone
Email: jcb@uhjerusalem.org

Project Manager: Farah Safdie Yarisal
Email: fyarisal@uhjerusalem.org

Administrative Coordinator: Chrystelle Thibaud
Email: geneva@uhjerusalem.org


Zurich Office:

POBox 1733
CH-8027 Zurich

Susanne Salzberg, Administrative Coordinator
Tel: +41 44 262 14 28
Email: info@huj-friends.ch