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The NEQST Big Thing 

A Future Shared Home for Quantum and Nano

Quantum information and nanoscience are related fields that share many faculty and rely on each other for both research and development. To leverage the potential synergy and to provide cutting-edge infrastructure to each, the Hebrew University has embarked on a bold initiative to create a new home for the Quantum Information Science Center together with the Harvey M. Krueger Family Center for Nanoscience and Nanotechnology.

The NEQST (NanoscalE Quantum Science & Technology) Innovation Hub will bring together experts in nano and quantum science and  provide a state-of-the-art shared home for their laboratories and equipment. Researchers will be supported by a dedicated team providing first rate scientific capabilities enabling pioneering research in nanoelectronics, nanophotonics and 3D printing of novel materials, and devices.

Moving Forward Together

Co-locating the two Centers in a shared space will make possible new and unprecedented levels of innovation, by allowing scientists from both fields to collaborate and leverage each other’s know-how. The resulting synergies will support and increase the Hebrew University’s leadership in both quantum and nano technology innovation.

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Nano? Quantum?

Nano and quantum science are distinct disciplines, with powerful overlap between them. At the nano-scale quantum effects become manifest. In parallel, nano fabrication tools are the only way to build and control new quantum systems. The information processing and sensitivity of quantum systems can only be unleashed with the tools of nanoscience.

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