Postdoctoral Fellowships for Outstanding Business Graduates

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The Jerusalem Business School seeks to build and nurture its next generation of prize-winning faculty members. Providing attractive postdoctoral fellowships to hand-picked graduate students will ensure that they can gain essential experience abroad before returning to a first-rate career back home in Jerusalem.

The Jerusalem School of Business Administration (JBS) has an impressive track record, with notable achievements in research, interdisciplinary teaching programs, entrepreneurship training, and in its partnerships with the Israeli business sector. Thirty-six dedicated faculty members together with lecturers from the professional world, teach some 1,500 students in a variety of undergraduate, MBA, and PhD programs.

At the core of the School’s advancement and research are the scholars who make it possible. The JBS faces intense competition for brilliant young scholars from some of the world’s best business schools and universities, as well as from the business world. The JBS cannot compete with the salaries on offer at these institutions but also will not compromise on the quality of the faculty members it recruits. Therefore, we continue to insist that our potential new faculty members gain international experience and connections and have notable publications in leading journals.

Experience shows us that hand-picking the postdoctoral fellows that we send abroad and nurturing them in this way, is the ideal means of ensuring that they return as the future of the JBS. For this to work, we seek donor support to provide each postdoctoral fellow with a fellowship that will enable them and their family to live and gain experience abroad for 1-2 years.