The Uruguayan Friends of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem is an association composed by a group of fervient zionist laymen from different sectors of academia and the economy, which aim is to promote the Hebrew University's innovations, research, arts, humanities and sciences in Uruguay. 

By doing so, we transmit to the public both among the Jewish community and in the general arena - the high values of Israel, and the prestige of our academic insitution. We have very good ties with the Israeli Embassy, the different governmental ministries and the local Universities and have joint events with great success.

The Association holds a wide variety of activities such as conferences and symposia, fosters cooperation agreements between HU and local institutions, promotes study opportunities at HU, and publicizes the University's research innovations in the Uruguayan media.

During the year we organize various events in Montevideo, and during the summer we join forces with other South American Friends to hold special events in Punta del Este, the renowned seaside town, where hundreds of friends of the HU come to visit.



President: Dr. Gabriel E. Goldman 

Dr. Gabriel E. Goldman was appointed President of the Uruguayan Friends of the Hebrew University in November 2013, and has been elected member of the HU Board of Governors in 2014, and again in 2017 unanimously. A Montevideo native, Gabriel is a lawyer, having studied both at the Hebrew University and Tel Aviv University, and is the Director and Founding Partner of Global Investments in Uruguay. Gabriel speaks fluent Hebrew and English in addition to his native Spanish, and is an active member of local Jewish community organizations. 


Amigos Uruguayos de la Universidad Hebrea de Jerusalem

Bulevar Artigas 220, piso 3

Montevideo, Uruguay

Tel/Fax: 27123523

Email: amigos.huji.uy@gmail.com