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Accelerating Innovation

Asper HUJI Innovate, the Hebrew University’s innovation platform, encourages students, faculty and alumni to develop new solutions for real-world problems while fostering a vibrant ecosystem that helps accelerate the creation of new ventures.

From Idea to Venture 

The student of the 21st century will need to navigate a more challenging workplace in his or her career. Asper HUJI Innovate participants enjoy hands-on courses and workshops that help them identify their unique capabilities and creativity, and ultimately train them as innovators and entrepreneurs as they transition their ideas into ventures. Participants will benefit from working in cross-disciplinary teams, from learning how best to fit the needs of their potential clients, and from legal and tax advice on starting ventures. Asper HUJI Innovate is also reaching out to collaborate with local government, businesses, schools, and the community overall.

Asper HUJI Innovate, in partnership with the Bezalel Academy of Design and Azrieli College of Engineering, recently won a grant from the Israeli Council of Higher Education to establish an entrepreneurship center in downtown Jerusalem. This major accomplishment for the Hebrew University not only adds to an already exceptional record of national leadership in technology commercialization and new company creation, but will also help in further solidifying Jerusalem’s role as a leading global hub for technology and innovation.



Asper HUJI Innovate will significantly strengthen the University’s ability to infuse innovation and entrepreneurship into the daily life of our students and researchers, and to transform them into entrepreneurs who design meaningful and sustainable projects for Jerusalem and for the world.

Dr. Amnon Dekel, Head of Hebrew University's Asper HUJI Innovate



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