Launching the Fall-Winter Webinar Series

Fall-Winter Webinar Series


The European Friends of The Hebrew University are proud to announce the launch of the fall-winter webinar series, which will take place October 2019 through January 2020. The monthly webinars will feature leading academics speaking about their research and work at the University.

The first webinar was delivered by Prof. Dina Ben Yehuda, the first female Dean of the Hadassah-Hebrew University Faculty of Medicine. Her October 23 talk was titled, Digital Medicine in the Age of Artificial Intelligence. Prof. Ben Yehuda introduced the concept of precision medicine and explained how, using big data, doctors can tailor more effective treatment plans for their patients. She also provided a progress report for the Center for Computational Medicine that The Hebrew University's Faculty of Medicine is working to establish (click here for more information). Prof. Ben Yehuda's talk is available here.

The second webinar, Harnessing Diamond for Quantum Technologies, was delivered by Dr. Nir Bar-Gill on November 18. Dr. Bar-Gill, who is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Applied Physics, explained the differences between digital and quantum computing, and surveyed the multitudes of advantages offered by the latter. Dr. Bar-Gill explained that, in fact, diamonds with molecular imperfections can be used in many forms of quantum research (processors, MRI, and more). Dr. Bar-Gill's webinar can be accessed here and more information about the Quantum Information Science Center can be found here.

The next webinars will feature Prof. Yoram Yovell on The Science of Happiness (December 16) and Prof. David Gershon on The Future of Banking (January 13, 2020).

The webinar series has been designed exclusively for the Friends of The Hebrew University of Jerusalem in Europe, and must be registered for individually (click here).