Graduate Scholarships

Graduate Scholarships


Leading Scientific Research 

At the Hebrew University, students and researchers are part of a world-class institution that spans a range of scientific disciplines including: Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Life and Earth Sciences, Computer Science, and Engineering, along with interdisciplinary fields such as nanoscience and quantum information. Most of the students who graduate from the Faculty’s undergraduate programs have no problem finding well paid and rewarding work in high tech or industry. However, the University aims to encourage the best students to stay on and specialize by doing a master’s degree and possibly beyond.

Providing Essential Support 

The demanding academic curricula and independent research requirements make it almost impossible to work simultaneously, meaning that the majority of Hebrew University graduate students face immense financial hurdles. For this reason, it is so important that the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and its supporters make certain that Israel’s most talented young scientists have the means to thrive in their graduate programs through scholarship support. Scholarships help to defray tuition and living expenses and serve to even the playing field, ensuring that qualified women and men from every socioeconomic and cultural background have the means to pursue a degree in their field of choice.


I cannot overstate the scholarship’s positive impact on my daily life. As a researcher, student, and teaching assistant, you never really go home ‘after work.’ You’re always thinking about the next stage in your research, how you can move forward, why the experiment failed, and more. Without my scholarship, I would be significantly less productive. The scholarship enables me to dedicate myself solely to research and lab work. After a long day, I don’t need to start worrying about paying the rent, bills, and transportation costs – basic needs covered by my scholarship. 

Ilan Shumilin

MSc Chemistry Student



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