Interdisciplinary Research at the Center for Sustainability

When it comes to academic research in sustainability-related fields, it is not enough to advance human knowledge. Driven by a moral imperative to translate academic findings into real world applications, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem launched the interdisciplinary Center for Sustainability – an umbrella for dozens of researchers and labs that are tackling questions regarding sustainability, the environment, public health, and more.

Over 100 faculty members from varied faculties and disciplines are affiliated with the Center. The scope of their research is truly impressive; the following is a mere sample:  

  • Food: green pest control, alternative proteins, plant nutrients and productivity, pollination, novel fertilizers
  • Social Sciences: bio-economics, climate and energy politics, smart cities, conflict resolution, human rights
  • Air & Soil Quality: carbon dioxide sequestration, wastewater recycling, heavy metals, land management
  • Human Health: effects on fertility, public health, epidemiology, pandemic containment, ultra-processed foods
  • Consumption: waste management, solar energy, pharmaceutical residues, biodegradable materials
  • Fauna: biodiversity, insect physiology, grazing, species diversity, invasive species

The Center promotes interdisciplinary research through funding to the most compelling interdisciplinary projects with the potential to make a difference.  Read more about some of the projects and meet the researchers below.