Supporting Diversity

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A Richer Educational Experience

The Hebrew University is committed to a diverse community drawn from across Israeli society and reflecting the full span of populations, worldviews and cultures. Exposure to a plurality of life experiences and perspectives means a richer educational experience for students and the entire University community. Several initiatives support students from diverse groups that are traditionally underrepresented at Israel’s elite universities. From ultra-Orthodox (Haredi) or Arab students to those from Ethiopian and Mizrahi backgrounds, these students are often the first in their families to go to university. In many cases, they may need different kinds of support, from preparatory programs to scholarships to tutoring and mentorship.

As a pluralistic community, the University also strives to acknowledges and celebrate the diverse backgrounds of its members through activities such as Iftar dinners, Christmas tree lightings, celebrating the Sigd Ethiopian Jewish holiday, or unique social activities. Further, positive interaction is encouraged among all members of the community through workshops on multiculturalism, dialogue groups, interfaith activities and language lessons, and ensuring that the campus is accessible to all through communications (websites, signage, calendars) in Hebrew, Arabic, and English. The University is also engaged in initiatives to increase academic and administrative staff from underrepresented populations.


Studying in a mixed school [in my native Turkey] provided me with the ability to see the treasure behind diversity. I decided to improve myself by becoming acquainted with people as diverse as possible. I was determined to be a global citizen. After two and a half years in Israel, I’ve met dozens of people from around the world from different ethnic, religious, and national backgrounds. I knew that the Hebrew University was the right place to start my adventure!

Dani Albukrek,

Undergraduate student in history and political science


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